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Commentary on behalf of peaceful special events

Post date: July 1, 2016

response to Atlanta Journal Constitution article titled "Security will be Tight for Peachtree Road Race"

Dear AJC, I went to a balloon festival with 14 hot air balloons and tethered rides. People kicked back and milled around.  The organizers were relaxed and everyone had a good time.

Contrast this with your coverage of the upcoming Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta.  You warn us, "see something, say something."  And "sharpshooters will also be along the route," along with undercover law enforcement.  Spectators can hold "only small signs."  (I suppose big ones obstruct sharpshooters' views.)  Oh, and "no strollers."

So, basically, you can't even take your toddler to a metropolitan road race.  Give me a special event like a balloon fest, any day, and I believe there's a kinder, gentler road race somewhere.


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