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CIA on geoengineering

                                     Central Intelligence Agency

    See original Headquarters Photo Tour at (Photo 7 of 32: Bible Quote Carving).

    close up of original headquarters lobby Bible quote carving in Langley, Virginia, USA
                                                                                             photo: Getty Images 
June 29, 2016 - cat out of the bag
-  CIA Director John Brennan is forced to discuss geoengineering, although he portrays it as an option rather than the fully-deployed program that it  already is.

speech to Council on Foreign Relations 12:05-14:23 min by CIA Director Brennan)

  also in TRANSCRIPT posted under "speeches & testimony" at (see last five paragraphs)



      "Employees in intelligence agencies are aware of penalties contained in the secrecy
      agreement and the huge risk in violating it, even to expose corruption.  Most look the
      other way to protect their careers, retirements, and families ... The full scope of the 
      system is only known at the higher levels of the organization and is hidden from 
      employees, until its use is necessary."
                         - Kevin Shipp, author of From the Company of Shadows, to Dane Wigington

       quote from Shipp found in:
Wigington, Dane (October 20, 2015). "Former Prominent CIA Officer Shares Details of the   
   Government's All Out War Against Whistleblowers with" 


Most recent speech on CIA by Kevin Shipp at Geoengineeringwatch information session (July   28, 2017) in Redding, California. I was glad to attend this event and thank speakers personally.

re: CIA coinage of term conspiracy theory to denigrate persons investigating JFK assasination                    see CIA_doc_1035-960.pdf
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