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                           newspaper report on contractor activity in AJC on Feb. 10, 2017 p. A10

Here is my response to the Washington Post's disparaging of Rev. Andy Stanley's great DEC. 4 SERMON.
 (Listen to this audio sermon with no ads.  They periodically update it.)

December 29, 2016

Dear Washington Post:

This letter is written in response to your December 24, 2016, article titled “Megachurch Pastor Ignites Debate.”  Based on my experience, Andy Stanley is generally accurate.  He knows his scripture.  I encourage all readers to listen to his December 4th sermon titled "Who Needs Christmas," which is available in audio format at the North Point Community Church website.  The sermon summarizes the entire Bible up until the birth of Christ.  It is fantastic. 

These are dark times, around the world.  Environmental, economic, political, and spiritual disruptions abound, but through his skillful lessons from the pulpit, Reverend Andy Stanley helps provide us with hope.  I wish to publicly thank Andy Stanley for his good instruction of my children.

 -Mary Nix Hollowell is the granddaughter of the  Reverend James McDowell Richards.  Dr. Richards      served as president of Columbia Theological Seminary for 39 years.  some_seminary_history



Below is a letter to the Editor of Chicago Tribune and other reporters, questioning a pre-crime predictive data program [linked below].  Forty-eight other educators, writers, scientists, and concerned citizens were carbon copied on this correspondence.

citation from:
Gregory, Ted (Tues. Aug. 23, 2016). "U. of C. Researchers Use Data to Predict Police Misconduct." Chicago Tribune.

August 23, 2016

Dear Ted Gregory, Bruce Dold, et al.,

I am a professor of education responding to today's Chicago Tribune article titled "U. of C. Researchers Use Data to Predict Police Misconduct" [Link Below].

Would you please provide more in-depth coverage and answer some important questions. 1) What constitutes big data?  Is it dashboard camera footage, body camera footage, radio transmissions, and/or GPS locations?  2) Who selected Brainmaker software found at the website? 3) I am curious as to why "research teams" are separated into two loop offices that are eight blocks apart.  Perhaps it would be better in a single location.

In the photo, Dr. Rayid Ghani stands before a low-tech white board in a seemingly empty hall, which is contradictory to the instrumentation of algorithms and screens for big data crunching. Send photographer Antonio Perez for additional photos of this topic.

Your contemporary, Dana Priest at The Washington Post, reveals black sites and the shadowy underbelly of the Military-Industrial-Complex in her co-authored book Top Secret America.  PBS Frontline's teacher website suggests, after viewing the film Top Secret America, that students visit their local Fusion Centers on field trips to better understand their mission and operations.  You might want to do this for the Center for Data Science & Public Policy, as well.  It might be good public relations.  As former Director of Education at Cincinnati Museum Center, I can assure you that behind-the-scenes tours have tremendous educational value.

"The early tests from modeling" are also intriguing.  Please reinterview Lauren Haynes and provide more details on the initial pilot programs.  4) Was there an opportunity for public comment regarding ethics?  Finally, I was curious about your funding sources but see they're now posted. 

Thank you for acknowledging that big data analysis often has too many cooks in the kitchen.  I hope my suggestions are helpful.  We educators, writers, scientists, and concerned citizens are intrigued by these types of integrative programs and are confident we will receive answers.

Mary Hollowell

Mary Nix Hollowell, Ph.D.
Professor of Education
Clayton State University
2000 Clayton State Blvd. A & S 205
Morrow, Georgia 30260
678-466-4820 W

U.of C. Researchers Use Data to Predict Police Misconduct


PBS Frontline Teacher Website Recommending Student Field Trips to Fusion Centers [bullet point 4, following the viewing of the original documentary Top Secret America]

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