Mary Hollowell,
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on CIA Torture Report

"The silence of the high and mighty sometimes gives greater power to the simple voice of the solitary individual."                                                       
                                              - Howard Thurman,
The Interpreter's Bible, Vol. 6, p. 1022


                         Mary Hollowell in the 2014 Martin Luther King, Jr.  March in Atlanta

   As a writer who helped ban school solitary confinement in Georgia, I read the CIA Torture Report with my hand over my mouth in horror.  The list of atrocities is long and beyond comprehension.  It includes solitary confinement, waterboarding, white noise, poisoning, confinement to coffins, threats to family members, beatings, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, and the human rights violations go on and on.  This list is nothing short of evil.  The torturers and their leaders should not be granted impunity. 

   Also as a writer, I was appalled to read the portions of the report describing the CIA's manipulation of the media.  This has long been the case since Operation Mockingbird, and the churning of the propaganda machine and silencing of journalists have not stopped.  In this report, the CIA is revealed to be one of the most covertly brutal agencies on the face of Planet Earth.

   To the CIA, I say, "I am watching you." And there are other Americans who will try to be brave and stand up to your Goliath.  Try as you might, you cannot take away the souls of innocents.  Good people aspire to be the very opposite of your torturers ... human beings who are kind to one another and helpful.  Vocal opponents of CIA torture, some of whom are also victims of the CIA, will
not tell lies, lie by omission, or instigate coverups.  Good people who seek the truth and act with compassion will ultimately prevail.  That is a certainty.

             "No matter how much force you use with me or how much you              torture me, you cannot eliminate my national identity"
                                           - Haji Rohullah Wakil
                                                                                 prisoner at Guantanamo, 2002-2008

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